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Meeting 12 March 2016


This, the 78th meeting of the London Youlan Qin Society, was held in the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

Some members renewed their annual subscriptions, and four new members joined the Society.

Charles Tsua brought an example of his calligraphy, which he had mounted onto a scroll, and which was hung next to the LYQS banner. He explained how he mounted it. Mounting needs to be done carefully, because the xuan paper used for the artwork is thin and easily becomes crinkled.


The following music was played:

  1. Qiu Shui 秋水 (Autumn Water), played by Charles Tsua
  2. Gu Guan Yu Shen 古馆禹神 (Meeting a Ghost in a Desereted House), played by Julian Joseph
  3. Jiu Kuang 酒狂 (Drunken Ecstasy), played by Cheng Yu
  4. Yang Guan San Die 阳关三叠 (Three Variations on the Yang Pass Theme), played by Kerry Chen
  5. Yi Guren 忆故人 (Thinking of an Old Friend), played by Jenny Zhao
  6. Guanshan Yue 关山月 (Moon over the Mountain Pass), qinge, played by Joshua Wickerham
  7. Ao Ai 欸乃 (Song of the Boatmen), played by Zhang Lingqun
  8. He Ming Jiu Gao 鹤鸣九皋 (Cranes Calling in the Nine Marshes), played by Charles Tsua (his own interpretation of the Score in Shenqi Mipu)
  9. Meihua San Nong 梅花三弄 (Three Variations on the Plum Blossom)
  10. Pei Lan 佩兰 (Admiring the Orchid), played by Charles Tsua
  11. Guangling San Xin Pu 广陵散新谱 (New Score for Guangling San), from the Shiyi Xian Guan Qinpu, played by Julian Joseph
  12. Ping Sha Luo Yan 平沙落雁 (Wild Geese Descending on the Level Sand), played by Cheng Yu
  13. Wu Ye Wu Qiu Feng 吾葉舞秋風 (Parasol Leaves Dancing in the Autumn Breeze), played by Charles Tsua
  14. Meihua San Nong 梅花三弄 (Three Variations on the Plum Blossom), played by Kerry Chen
  15. Tian Lai 天籁 (Sounds of Nature), Shiyi Xian Guan Qinpu, played by Julian Joseph
  16. Changmen Yuan 长门怨 (Lament at the Changmen Palace), played by Cheng Yu
  17. Feng Lei Yin 风雷引 (Wind and Thunder), played by Charles Tsua
  18. Liang Xiao Yin 良宵吟 (Song for a Pleasant Evening), played by Julian Joseph
  19. Liu Shui 流水 (Flowing Water), played by Cheng Yu

The London Youlan Qin Society would like to thank the Department of Music at SOAS for allowing us to hold our meeting there, and Seán Kelly for taking the photographs.