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LYQS performance at Trafalgar Square, London – Chinese New Year Celebration, 29 January, 2012


Members of the London Youlan Qin Society performed in front of an audience of many thousands as part of the grand annual celebration of Chinese New Year organised by the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA). The LYQS was selected as one of the UK local artists to perform on the stage with professional ensembles from China such as the Jilin Provincial Song & Dance Troupe.

Here is a page about the LYQS in the Chinese New Year booklet published by LCCA.

The London Youlan Qin Society would like to express their thanks to the London Chinatown Chinese Asociation for giving us the opportunity to take part in this important event. Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped to make our performance a success, and to Seán Kelly and Ashley Guan for taking photographs and video under very difficult conditions.


  1. Guanshan Yue 关山月 (Moon over the Mountain Pass) from the Meian Qinpu 梅庵琴谱 (Mei’an Qin Handbook, 1931): Group guqin performance with xiao accompaniment and voice.
  2. Jiu Kuang 酒狂 (Wine Drunkenness) from Shenqi Mipu 神奇秘谱 (Spiritual and Secret Score, 1425): Group guqin performance


Videos of the performances are below. These videos were taken by LCCA, to whom we express our grateful thanks for their permission to use them.

Guanshan Yue:

Jiu Kuang: