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Guqin Summer School, 23-26 August, 2013


The London Youlan Qin Society, in collaboration with the Prince’s Charities Foundation held a four day course on the qin at the Royal College of Music in South Kensington, London.

A number of Chinese language newspapers published artticles about the Summer school. See the Press page.


Two classes were held, one for people will little or no previous experience of the guqin, and one for people whio already know how to play the qin. The beginners were taught by Charles Tsua, and were led through the basic fingering techniques, building a foundation on which they would be able to progress. Cheng Yu taught the more experienced people. This class focused on learning one piece, Ping Sha Luo Yan (Wild Geese Descending on the Level Sand). On the last afternoon, informal student performances were held, to enable participants to show each other what they had learned.


Three illustrated talks were held in the afternoons. On the first day, Charles Tsua showed how to make the tuning cords for a qin, and how to mount the strings. On the second afternoon, Dennis Lee gave an illustrated talk on the xiao (end-blown bamboo flute, often used to accompany the qin) and related East Asian flutes. On the third day, two people from the Yinglun Hanfu Society gave a talk about traditional Chinese costumes (hanfu). All participants attended these talks.


On the afternoon of the last day a concert was held to mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of the London Youlan Qin Society. During the first half, members of the Society played two pieces as a group, and several members played solo pieces. For the second half, the Silk String Quartet performed. For details and photo gallery see LYQS 10th Anniversary Concert 26 August, 2013.


The London Youlan Qin Society would like to express their gratitude to the Prince’s Charities Foundation for funding this Summer School. The society would also like to thank all the members and non-members who gave their time and worked hard to make the events a success.